Katie Varing, Bride, September 15, 2007 - Beaver Creek Chapel, Red Sky Ranch

Ty Varing, Groom, September 15, 2007 - Beaver Creek Chapel, Red Sky Ranch

Gwen Cole, Mother of the Bride, Lindy and Marc

Southport Island, Maine - August 4, 2007

Lindy Anton, Bride, August 4, 2007 - Southport Island, Maine

Susan Turner, Mother of the Bride, Courtney and Drew, June 23, 2007 - Dallas, Texas

Carolyn Connolly, Aunt of the Bride, Courtney and Drew, June 23, 2007 - Dallas, TX

Patti Leeds Butcher, Bride, April 7, 2007

Drew Chambers, Groom, June 23, 2007 - Dallas, Texas

Courtney Chambers, Bride, June 23, 2007 - Dallas, Texas

Allison Crane, Bride, August 15, 2007 - Beaver Creek Chapel, Lake Creek

Marty Farrell, Mother of the Bride, Katy and Ty

September 15, 2007 - Beaver Creek Chapel and Red Sky Ranch

Vickie and Jim Varing, Parents of the Groom, Katie and Ty

September 15, 2007 - Beaver Creek Chapel, Red Sky Ranch

Mary Jo Crane, Mother of the Bride, Allison and John

August 15, 2007 - Beaver Creek Chapel, Lake Creek

Tim Farrell, Father of the Bride, Katie and Ty

Sept. 15, 2007 - Beaver Creek Chapel and Red Sky Ranch

-- Nancy took awesome photos of our wedding day. She’s very professional and well organized. She did an amazing job of capturing everything and was well liked by everyone there. I would recommend her to anyone.

Ty Varing

Nancy exceeded all of my expectations as a photographer. When I met with her prior to my wedding, she assured me that she would be there to assist in making my day stress free. Not only did she and her assistants make sure my hair was perfect and I had everything I needed, but she took the most amazing pictures I have ever seen (I am biased of course). One of her assistants waited to retrieve my purse, with all of my make-up in it, because it had fallen off of the chairlift between my wedding and reception. She showed up at my reception with purse and makeup in hand!!! People that weren't able to attend my wedding saw the pictures/video and said “they felt like they were there”. The people who attended my wedding were talking about “my photographer” and how fun and fabulous she was. 6 months later I still look at my pictures almost daily and couldn’t have been happier with how they turned out. I am having trouble picking which ones to choose for my album because there are so many good ones!

-Katie Varing

-- We were so thrilled to have Nancy as our photographer at our wedding. Not only were the photos wonderful, but our entire experience working with her had a very positive impact on our wedding day. She reminded us to stay present and enjoy the moment, which was easier to do knowing that she had everything taken care of. She was thoughtful and meticulous about such things as lighting, timing, and efficiency. At the same time she was easygoing and able to capture moments as they naturally happened; looking at the pictures we have marvelled at how we didn’t even remember being photographed at many points and we are so happy to have specific shots.

Nancy was also amazing with organizing a lot of family members and remembering everyone’s name for the group family shots. My husband and I have large and somewhat confusing family structure that Nancy quickly understood and easily worked with to ensure that we have amazing photos of everyone together. The planned group shots were relaxed and natural as Nancy was able to connect with everyone and make people feel at ease. We are are so pleased with all that Nancy brought to our wedding experience.

I can’t say enough about you .... you are wonderful!!

Nancy Cole was absolutely fabulous. She was very energetic and aware of every situation to take a photograph. She has the ability to capture an unforgetable moment.

She made you feel very relaxed. I am truly thankful Nancy made Courtney & Drew’s special day so unforgetable. I would recommend her for any job!!

Susan Turner

St. Louis, MO

Nancy Cole is a “master” photographer with an ability to create magnificent photographs while maintaining control and staying relaxed. All of our family members felt as though Nancy was truly a part of the family throughout the wedding festivities. Nancy captured every moment of an incredible event with grace and beauty…from the minute she agreed to shoot the wedding weekend, Nancy took proactive measures to nail down a plan on making sure she did not miss an opportunity to get the series of shots that happen once in a lifetime – she knew who, what, where, when and why and literally took a very natural role as not only the photographer, but literally a choreographer of the day.

When I needed a last minute headshot for my upcoming business conference, Nancy rearranged her schedule to fit it in and turned around fantastic photos within a day…the quality, service and dependability is second to none.

-Carolyn Connolly

Your wedding day is a very special day - and no one understands that more than Nancy Cole. Nancy went above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable, relaxed, and included in our special day. She made an effort to remember everyone’s name and connection to the wedding party, which made you feel very comfortable that Nancy would know when and where to be to capture every important moment. She did an amazing job at capturing all aspects of the wedding - and she did it in a very relaxed and professional way. I could not have asked for a better photographer. She was truly amazing. Thank you, Nancy!

My wedding day is the best thing that has ever happened to me so far! I would do that exact day over in a heart beat! Nancy Cole and I spoke just months before my wedding and from the first conversation to wrapping up the album she always made me feel like I was her only client. Nancy was clear in communication and I truly felt she was committed to me. Nancy and her staff were friendly and to be honest we felt like we were doing a photo shoot. That's how special she made me, my family and friends feel! We are looking forward to enjoying the album & the slide show for years and years! We thought Nancy was really helpful when deciding what photos (there were many to choose from ) to place in our album and layout. She knows what she is doing!

I work in hospitality and recommend Nancy to everyone looking for a photographer.

Nancy did a fantastic job keeping everyone focused on the tasks at hand; getting married and taking beautiful photos of the once in a lifetime event. She worked efficiently and effectively with all ages and kept all of my groomsmen in check with great humor and wit. The event was beautiful, and thankfully, we have Nancy's spectacular photos that captured all of the special moments for us to remember forever.

Drew Chambers

From the moment I met Nancy I never worried about our wedding photos; she was both professional and organized as well as friendly and excited to be part of our day. When our wedding day came, she was so calming and knowledgeable, she was absolutely irreplaceable in making our wedding day run smoothly. John and I are so delighted with how well Nancy captured the joy of the day – in a way we did not think was possible! We are grateful every time we look at our photos, and would highly recommend Nancy to anyone and everyone we know!


The ability to capture moments that you want to cherish forever is a unique talent. When you combine that talent with attention to detail and a superior knowledge of all the elements that Nancy incorporates into her photographs, the product delights and exceeds your expectations.

Organized and skillful with the bridal and family photographs, she learned people by name and was able to quickly gather relatives for various shots. Nancy adeptly learns family dynamics and can
maneuver even difficult people into their places. The focus is on the Bride and Nancy's easy going manner lends itself to what appears effortless ease on that very important day. She supports the wishes of the Bride, offers recommendations without being pushy, and shares important details from her many years of experience. Her attention to detail is superb and you can be sure her pictures will capture the essence of your wedding day like no other. Stunning is an understatement!

Gwen, Mother of the Bride August 07

Nancy was so much more than just the photographer for my daughter’s wedding! In addition to taking beautiful pictures, in a very unobtrusive manner, she was always there to assist with the little things that needed to be done, for example, having a steady hand for buttoning and keeping us on track for time. Her ability to “see” wonderful venues for the pictures made our memories come alive again when we viewed the album.

Nancy – you were the best!


Having Nancy shoot our daughter’s wedding was like having a special surprise guest at the event. She was professional and took charge of the situation so that every aspect of the wedding was pictorially documented, which allowed me (mother of the bride) to be more relaxed and enjoy all of the festivities. Nancy was a special guest because while she was directing a lot of the action, she was having fun and so were all the members of the bridal party. Everyone laughed a lot and teased and enjoyed Nancy and her assistant and wanted her to be our own personal family photographer of the future. Of course, the most important praise is that the final photographs were gorgeous and fluid, candid and intimate, and captured the special moments and the fun and joy of the day. Her work speaks for itself and I cannot imagine being more pleased with Nancy and her beautiful work.

-Marty Farrell

Everyone enjoyed having their pictures taken by Nancy. The pictures and action shots were fantastic and she flowed through the crowd with ease. She is very charming and has great ideas. She gave us wonderful memories to last a life time.

–Vickie & Jim Varing

From our first meeting with Nancy and throughout the events surrounding our daughter's marriage, Nancy was able to "blend in" without being intrusive while capturing wonderful pictures of family and friends. In 30+ years of working with photographers, I have never experienced a more professional, personable, and likeable expert.

Thanks, Tim